HBN Channel Pulwama (Himalayan Broadcasting Network)

Is a private Local news channel established in year 2007 and has a viewership of almost two districts including Pulwama & Shopian, the channel is accessible in 1,50,000 house holds and is one of the most viewed TV Channel in area due to local interest. The channel played a vital role in all the past cycles of violence in valley and is contributing to strengthening of grass root level democracy by projecting genuine issues of common people which include water, electricity, education and roads. The public grievance programs have become an eye opener to the local administration and a channel of expression for common man to get heard easily. The channel is being managed by a peace loving team and has done a series of programs on youth empowerment and positive engagement. The channel is a grass root platform for young and budding journalists. The channel is telecasting all the developmental programs including school debates, educational programs, conferences, Darbars, Board Meeting, Cricket match , Seminars and educational functions for creating a positive atmosphere at bottom level. The channel has team of 20 people working as reporters, anchors, field staff and a good networking team. The channel is consistently telecasting pro development views at a grass root level without any government support. The channel promotes political process by giving ample time to mainstream leaders for reaching out to the public at root level. HBN Channel played a very important role in 2008 Assemble & Parliament election by giving ample coverage’s to local politicians, political activity creating an positive atmosphere in the area and also helped in mobilizing voters resulting into bulk participation of voters during elections. The channel telecasted many positive views on routine bases at very grass root level. Some program’s being.

  • Faryad a (Public Grievance) based program
  • Special Report : Current Focus/ Social Issues
  • Documentaries
  • Face to Face Interviews
  • Hello HBN (Entertainment) / Educational seminars/debates & conference’s
HBN Channel is a local and bottom top platform to spread the message of peace & development. The channel has already a good track record & telecasted pro nation views very openly. A few of the links can be seen below. There is positive response by the viewers towards this channel & is acting as an Interlocutor between the common man and administration by airing the voice, the aspirations and the dire need of bringing normalcy in the state. The channel is aiming to bridge the serious disconnect that exists in the understanding and appreciation of the problems of the state and its fellow countrymen, most importantly a voice that speaks in favor of truth without biases and prejudices & making all possible efforts to raise public support by aligning with thinkers, policy makers, social developers, humanitarian workers, media personalities and most importantly ordinary citizens of across country who are advocates of peace.

What does channel do?
The channel is contributing by becoming eye’s and ears for the administration by giving voice to the voice less people and project the public grievance which include health, electricity, road and education related issues. The channel is generating a positive activism among youth and at the same time providing ample space for alienated people who want their demands to be heard. It gives vent to their aggression and make them heard by civic administration. The channel is a platform which has almost trained 45 boys with media skills and are now engaged with various media organizations. The channel can send a larger message through a local regional face. It can work as bottom top approach.

Channel Telecasts Global Peace Documentaries:
Global Peace stories can inspire others, and motivate people to admire and attempt to emulate those who work nonviolently. The success stories of nonviolent people can create esteem and thirst for peace among the fencer’s. Peace should become agenda of youth at large, and its energy should be circulated through youth and adult constituencies. Peace should become a replicate for radicalism and a new notion of peace, non violence will create an alternate ideology among youth. This will add to the subscription of peace among young and resulting into larger force of peace lovers in valley.

Channel Focus Telecast Upon :
  • Encouraging grass root level debates over peace and non violence.
  • Focus group discussions over governance, corruption, development etc.
  • Interaction of Police Officers at school, college level with diverse students.
  • Music programs/ Paintings/ Art/ Documentaries.
  • Peace Conference at school and college levels.
  • Success stories of nonviolent youth to be promoted. Those who are demonstrably nonviolent will be hailed as heroes, and this will also create a space for those who remain silent in an attempt to refrain from the violence, to be addressed, respected & rewarded as well.
  • Encouraging valley participants in National level programs/functions.

  • Places of Focus : Schools, Colleges, Youth Forums, NGO, Civil Societies, Youth Clubs.
Citizen Journalism
The channel encourages and promotes citizen journalism and invites young students to report their stories at HBN besides channel encourages young budding journalists to work @ HBN Studio for internship programs. The channel welcomes local participation & reporting by citizens. The local press releases , grievances are given a special space on channel. The socio- political stories and community development stories are given a special coverage’s on HBN.

Mission HBN

To bring a paradigm shift in human situation and relationships from conflict to a non violent social change. To improve the condition of the people, enable and empower youth and people . To help people transcend divisions, regional or political. Use media, education, political and youth forums/platforms to bring this change.

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HBN News

Chief Editor

Waheed Ur Rehman, Is an individual with a creative bent of mind with an ability to give shape to an idea. Inherent ability as a good team member, intermingling, and coordinating a team also comes as an asset to him. He believe in hard work, team work, integrity and learning something new each day. Waheed has been a student of International Peace & Conflict Studies & did a special course on Investigative Reporting from NECIR, BOSTON University USA he was awarded Peace fellowship by SIT, World Learning, Vermont-USA. Waheed has edited, produced and Anchor a lot of TV programs.
He’s also Member of Kashmir Committee (New Delhi) working for peaceful settlement of K- Issue.
Waheed has bean actively engaged in field of education and peace activism and have participated in SAARC emerging leaders conference in Nepal 2010. He has participated in many TV shows at NDTV, BBC national & regional networks. He secures a good experience of working with print and electronic media related to reporting/conflict analysis, Peace Journalism, field reporting, editing assignments covering Jammu and Kashmir. His articles and analytical pieces were widely carried by:

  • Epilogue(Analytical Magazine)
  • South Asia Idea(Think Tank)
  • Kashmir Times(JK Dailies)
  • Greater Kashmir(Leading Newspaper of Kashmir)
  • Kashmir Images(JK News Paper) and other dailies.
  • Rising Kashmir(Leading Daily)
  • The AnalystThink Thank
Contact : Waheed Ur Rehman
Email: parawahid@gmail.com
Mob: +91 9419000210

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